A painful incident dating back to September of last year, when pharmacist Halaan Waelaa Zeid fell from the balcony of his residential apartment in the Helwan area. This followed difficult moments of threats and torture he endured at the hands of seven individuals, including his first wife, in an attempt to force him to sign property documents and divorce his second wife.


The son of the doctor said, “Mom hit dad with a shovel, and her accomplice threw him from the balcony,” where Dr. Waelaa Zeid’s son revealed the details of the incident. The defense team was investigating and discussing ways to prove Dr. Waelaa Zeid’s right to seek the maximum penalty for the accused. The team was led by Dr. Nashaat Mahmoud Abdel-Aleem, along with counsel Zeinab Abdel-Nabi, counsel Ahmed Zakaria, counsel Khaled El-Sayed, counsel Jamal Abdel-Aziz, and counsel Hamdi El-Hilali, as well as Dr. Hoda Abdel-Moneim, Professor Ahmed Said, Professor Wessam Jamal, Professor Ahmed Shaaban, and Professor Nourhan Farag, and Professor Mahmoud Nashaat.

The Helwan Pharmacist Walaa Zeid Case

A Horrifying Crime Shaking the Egyptian Community - "Victim of His Wife's Family"

Assault and Torture

He also added that the pharmacist Walaa Zeid was subjected to assault and torture before being thrown from the balcony. He revealed that his wife’s father had threatened him the day before his death, but the deceased had good intentions towards them and did not leave his apartment. He also pointed out that after his marriage, he offered his first wife’s family a separation and took full responsibility for her, but they refused.

The Public Prosecution has detained the wife of Walaa, her father, her two brothers, and five thugs, explaining that the sole reason behind this incident was that the victim had married her. He pointed out that the victim had been married for 7 years, and there was a period of engagement for two years before that. Since the marriage, there were ongoing problems. He also noted that the wife is a doctor, and her father is a doctor.

The mother of the Helwan pharmacist, who was killed by the family of his first wife after they learned of his marriage to another woman, had previously revealed that she contacted the building’s security guard where her son lived to rescue him after receiving a distress call from her daughter. She said that the call went something like this: “Save your son, his apartment is full of thugs.” Then the call was cut off. During an interview on a local television channel, she added that one of the neighbors informed her that he had heard her son’s wife beating him and saying, “Give back the money you stole or I’ll kill you.” Afterward, they played loud music and threw him from the balcony into the street, leading to his death. It’s worth noting that investigations by security agencies had revealed that the family disputes between the pharmacist and his wife led her to come to the apartment with others to force him to divorce his second wife, which eventually led to a confrontation and his subsequent fall from the balcony.

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