It was organized by the Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs and was held on the previous July 31st, with the participation of a large number of Egyptians living abroad representing various Egyptian communities around the world.

Several topics and issues that were requested by Egyptians living abroad were discussed under the umbrella of social protection and care.

by Justice International Consulting Group

Dr. Consultant / Nashat Abdel-Aleem

“The Egyptian Expatriates Conference, Fourth Edition.”

“Dr. / Counselor Nashat Abdel-Alim, the Chairman of the International Consultancy Group, participated in the fourth edition of the ‘Egyptians Abroad’ conference to serve the Egyptian diaspora. He presented impactful proposals and discussed the issues facing Egyptians, seeking to find model solutions for them. These proposals, their mechanisms, and their impact on ministers were considered in the conference’s recommendations, which were included in the most important recommendations related to the political, national, and service aspects for Egyptians abroad.”

Dr. Nashat Abdel-Alim, with his extensive legal expertise and successful experiences in the field of law both in Egypt and abroad, supports the rights of all those in need. He has advocated for numerous Egyptians living abroad and intervened to resolve various issues they faced. At times, he has worked to restore their labor rights, beginning with amicable approaches and then resorting to legal means.

You are always supporters of everything that serves the interests of Egyptians abroad and connects them with their beloved country. They are always in the heart of the homeland

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