worked for two consecutive months and more, with the ultimate goal of graduating a new batch of recent law school graduates and final-year students, to instill in them the principles, traditions, and ethics of the legal profession. They need to understand the essence of the legal profession and the weight of the responsibility it carries. It was imperative for all of us to stand together to support its sons and daughters, generation after generation.

They underwent training in the majority of practical and theoretical branches of law, in addition to equipping themselves with the practical tools and skills for criminal litigation, following the example and guidance of the honorable pioneers and elders of this profession.

They presented a high-level #Criminal_Court_Simulation_Model, which we hope will exist in our real-life courts one day. This is guaranteed as long as we remain committed to this voluntary work and its generous resources.


We are proud of all those involved in this work and all the distinguished lawyer trainers who devoted their time and effort to serve young lawyers and to ensure that this guild remains rich with its own over the years.

by Justice International Consulting Group

Dr. Consultant / Nashat Abdel-Aleem

"The 2023 Virtual Criminal Simulation Model Program"

“As a commitment to our promise of collaboration in producing a generation of highly competent and legally knowledgeable lawyers, in partnership with the Hyper Legal Success and the North Giza Bar Association, and in light of the successful events of the Virtual Criminal Simulation Model program in 2023, after two months of exceptional professional work,

Stay tuned for many pleasant surprises coming soon, with the  International Justice Consultations Group.”.”

“Moments of creativity and brilliance for the champions of the Virtual Judicial Simulation. There will be endless opportunities for our youth to gain the necessary skills and experiences.”

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